Based out of Regina, SK, vocalist Shelynn Fretz (Grim) and sound designer and composer David Roman (Linger, The Criminal Kid) come together to form the duo Femme Fragile. Born out of a desire to switch musical directions and from a common struggle with mental health, Femme Fragile promises to move you, make you uncomfortable and ultimately connect with you. David and Shelynn aren’t afraid to draw from a large well of influences including grunge, pop punk, electronic, rap, synth pop and anything else melodic, bleak and aggressive. Dark and ambient soundscapes collide with modern trap like beats while thick bass lines plucked from modern rap and pop music assault your equilibrium. Sombre piano lines live comfortably next to “svd boi” guitar riffs inspired by more cynical millennial rock genres. This is all topped off by the incredible range of Shelynn’s dynamic voice that incorporates gentle, smooth melodic interludes with more aggressive and commanding performances that compel you to hear her pleas. David and Shelynn invite you to share in their miseries as well as their triumphs.

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